About My Study Series

My Study Series was founded after Carl Condliffe had spent many years spent advocating for the benefits of the flipped classroom. The power of the flipped classroom is observed through increased achievement, student agency and relationships in the classroom. Despite all of these positive benefits, there was still one sticky point for teachers – the process of creating content.

Carl Condliffe is the Director of My Study Series. He is currently employed at Rongotai College and has been a Head of Department for 8 years. Carl is a big proponent of the flipped classroom and has travelled the world speaking about this concept at a range of conferences. More recently he was named as a FLGl 100, one of the top one hundred educators leading flipped learning worldwide.

As well as having taught Physical Education at all levels, he was also a marker for Scholarship Physical Education in 2014 and 2015. Carl manages the successful teaching and physical education blog NZ PE Teacher and has a podcast titled NZPETeachercast.

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